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Search Global Estimating files

The search facility for both files and items could do with improvement in Global Estimating.

I'd like to be able to search for part of a job name without having to exit the job I'm currently working on.

I'd like to be able to search within all jobs for an item description without having to open each job in turn



  • Thanks  Mike. I have logged both of your feature requests into our system. 

    While the search functionality doesn't work while a Job is open the following may sometimes be useful. You can go back to the Job Manager screen, select a Job in the list then repeatedly type the first letter of the job you are looking for. The estimating system will then move your selection through all the Jobs in the project that start with that letter.  

    To implement something for searching across all jobs it would be better if we knew why you were looking to do this. What would you be looking for? and what would you want to do with it when you found it?

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  • Hi James


    First item - Your suggestion pre-supposes that job names begin with a letter, whereas ours tend to begin with the street number - and that's the bit I can't remember! There are other limitations to this search facility when a job is already open, in that we can't swap from a date order to a name order. Just being able to do that without leaving the open job would probably satisfy my needs.


    Second item - The reason for this is to be able to find items that don't come up very often, and one wants to refer back to the previous occasion to see how it was dealt with, either in pricing or measurement. An example being, say, car stackers. These will occur occasionally in our residential jobs that have basements, but not very often. I can find the jobs with basements, since this tends to be part of the description, and this appears as I scroll down the job list, Car stacker doesn't appear in the description, since it would make this too long, so I have to open each one and then search to see if there is a car stacker. This is not the quickest of tasks.

    Hope that assists your understanding.

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  • Hi Mike, thanks for the additional info. That will help tremendously when we add the features.

    There's some new functionality scheduled in the next update to BT2 for finding a Job which should satisfy your first request. 

    I have updated both feature requests with the extra info in our system. 

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