Insert a percentage line item in BT2

While one can add a percentage markup to any or all items, it is useful to be able to add a line item that shows a percentage addition to the items above, so that the amount added is quite clear, and this also enables one to define the purpose of the addition in the description.

At the moment this can be achieved by entering, say, 0.11 (for 11%) in the quantity column and the total of the items in the rate column. It would be better if BT2 could recognise (either through a percent sign in the unit col, or having a percent option in the Result column) that entering 11 in the quantity column meant a percentage calculation.



  • Hi Mike thanks for the suggestion. 

    This functionality would be covered in our plans for more advanced referencing functionality and will be addressed in a future update. There is currently no timeline on implementation of this feature. 

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  • Has this feature been updated yet? I note in V6 it has not been done and we are two years on now.

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  • Hi Grant,
    Our development team had had been working on some large features that had been previously available in ESW and so some smaller supporting feature have experienced a little delay in being looked at.
    The dev team are currently working on cell referencing for Cubit and so this feature may become available as part of this, however i would need to check into this with them.

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