Printing Numerous Reports Cumbersome

Reports are only printed for opened drawings. This is a huge limitation as only a limited number of drawings can be opened at a time (if too many drawings are opened, the program will stall and become inoperable). This limits the number of drawings that can be printed on a single report. It would be good if your report printing operation did not rely on what drawings were opened. It would also be better if the estimator could select which elements they wanted to print and all relevant drawings with that element on it will be printed.



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  • Hi Josh,

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you it seems our forum software was holding a number of posts in a relatively new quarantine section.

    These are certainly things which would be great to add into Cubit and would certainly make the reporting better. I have added feature requests for both of these items. Thanks for taking the time to suggest this. 

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