Cost Planning - Element Unit Costs

When you create a cost plan in Global Estimating, after the items and costs have been developed in the trade breakup sheet, the provision exists for items to be tagged and at Job Summary Level, a cost per unit for that element is developed (cost per m2, m ,no) etc. This is in addition to the building costs per m2 based on GFA which is a separate calculation altogether.

Is it possible to enable the headings within an estimate to calculate a unit costs for items that appear under the heading line. Perhaps the user defines the unit of measure and quantity to enable this unit cost to be established. 

This function is really a QS / Cost Planning function 

Happy to discuss if you are having trouble coming to grips with my point







  • Hi Darren,
    Thank you for your question\Suggestion.
    There is an existing column in Cubit that sounds like it might do what you need, this is the 'Cost/m2' column.
    You can add this to your job by doing the following:

    - Right click on the column headers in the Estimate panel.
    - Select the Column Chooser option.
    - Drag the Cost/m2 option from the Customization box into the headers in the Estimate panel.

    Once you have done this the column will appear and will display the appropriate information.

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  • Hi Michael,

    Yes i am aware that this function exists. The area that it draws from is the GFA you enter for the project, and therefore the costs per m2 is established, based on summation of costs under the heading line divided by the GFA..............i understand that

    In Cost Planning though, the unit of measure for elements is different, although it is true they can be measured on a cost per m2 against a GFA

     I will set some basic project parameters as an example;

    Lets say;

    Building GFA: 4000m2

    [HEADING] :Internal Doors: has a value of $260,000 for items under the heading

    Internal Door Area: 472m2 (area qty of doors measured under the heading line)

    The unit of measure for internal doors in cost planning is m2 (m2 of door area that is) Australian Cost Planning Manual dictates this (by the AIQS)

    Therefore based on the above parameters the following applies;

    Cost/m2: $65.50/m2 ($260,000/4000m2) Cubit provides this as you say

    Element Cost: $550/m2 ($260,000 / 472m2) Cubit doesn't provide this however GLOBAL ESTIMATING, when projects are created selecting the Cost Planning Estimate Format does.

    I suppose what would be good is a new column called "Element Cost". The user would have to define the quantity for the items below the heading. Global Estimating allows you to do this.

    This would be a great tool and open the software up to Quantity Surveyors and Cost Planners. As a cost planner i regularly focus on Element costs as apposed to costs measured against GFA

    Keep in mind the element area and GFA area are different

    Does this make sense?

    please call if you need further clarification












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  • Sorry $65,00 /m2 that should read, not $65.50/m2

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