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Can someone please explain the logic in the design of the Import Jobs screen. 

First, it is not in Name order, or even File Name order - the two obvious columns one would look down when importing a job.

Second, it doesn't seem to be in a creation date order, since one would assume that the Ver. column would be sorted with earlier versions first, not a higgledy-piggledy mix.

Third, there is no ability to sort on any of the columns, as there is on a majority of the other list screens in Cubit.

Fourthly, there is not even an ability to search for a job. When you have only 5 or 10 jobs in an archive, this is not an issue. When the archive grows, this is a very significant issue.

If it is too hard to make the columns on the screen more functional and/or provide a search facility, can we at least have some clear logic in the presentation of the jobs in the list.



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  • Hi Mike,

    I am not sure what the original logic was for the design of the job import window, however i have just looked into this for you and found that the next update to the software is introducing sorting options for this which should make life a little easier.

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