Grouped Views with Quantity Codes


Are there further plans to incorporate the use of Quantity Codes in the new Grouped Views function in Cubit 8?



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    Hi Clement,

    At the moment, Grouped Views is handling and displaying live grouping for your rate codes as you've discovered! This functionality allows a more fluid exchange of data between Cubit and our upcoming Bartender platform which will be used to compare, pick and return subcontractor prices into Cubit.

    Beyond this, Buildsoft will be collecting user feedback regarding Grouped Views, how users interact with the feature and taking any improvement/addition suggestions on board as the feature matures and evolves within Cubit.

    I will follow up this comment reply with a phone call to you to ask a couple of questions regarding your experience with the feature so far and to gather any suggestions you may have.


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  • I can certainly see the benefit to grouping by Quantity.

    I am increasingly being asked by Clients, after I have prepared my measure, to restructure my Bill to suite their Work Breakdown Structure and provide costs per that WBS.

    Being able to code against the quantities and then use that grouped job to then further group by rate is, to me, invaluable.

    The ability to do that in semi real time is a massive time saving for me.

    As a side note, being able to export an excel snapshot from the Grouped View window would be a handy feature.

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  • Hello Carlo, I really appreciate you providing your valuable feedback!

    At this stage, we do not have any immediate plans to implement this feature however your feedback will be taken into consideration for prioritising improvements.

    I will pass your new feature request for the Grouping on Quantity and suggestions for improvement to our team to review.

    Also please note there is already a function to export Grouped View data into Excel. I will email in detail as how that can be done. 

    Please keep your ideas and suggestions flowing!



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