Copy down rate buildups to other cells in Cubit

When do you think we will have the functionality in Cubit such that we can copy down from a cell containing a rate buildup to other cells?  This functionality was available in Global and was an absolute time saver.

In the above example, I currently have to use [right click] [paste column] for each one.



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    Hi Carlo,

    At the moment we do not have any short cut for the "Paste column" action.
    We have another functionality to copy down the value from the cell above using the F4 Key.
    Highlight any cell on estimate and then click on F4 key, the data from the same cell of the item above will be copied down.
    Please note this will copy down the composite data as well. See if this helps your purpose.

    I will however pass this suggestion along to our development team for review.
    If adopted this will appear in a future version of the software.



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  • Yep.  Fully aware of the F4 feature.  We ran some timing studies and it actually takes longer for the F4 command to copy down a composite than using the "Paste Column" command.

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  • Sure Carlo, different Functions would perform differently.

    I have already passed on your suggestions to the developments Team. Please check in release notes for all the changes.


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  • This will not help with buildups, but with manual entry there is a way to copy to multiple lines....

    - Enter the manual rate at column CC2 line

    - Highlight lines from CC5 'upwards' to the cell below the manual rate

    - Press F4, and the manual rate value is copied to all cells below the cursor.....

    This also works in other columns:- des, qty, unit..... 

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  • yup.  knew this one too.

    we have our buildups linking back to a set of Global rates so when we need to make a change, it is a one to many relationship.  Our buildups are also coded so that we can run "group by code" reports to get our "buckets of money" and also our quantities inclusive of wastage etc.


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