Editing (poly)lines to split them into more editable sections.

When we may get asked to submit variations in plans, either to maybe omit walls/areas or even modify existing take off to create a new proposed space, it would be useful to be able to edit a line by being able to split it to create a new junction from which we can either delete or change direction of a line. 


Additionally for where we may have used poly lines to create series of walls and/or area sections, can individual sections be deleted/edited and retaining the rest of the poly line. 


As a further addendum, with polylines, can sections be marked to have different properties, particularly if we wish to create wider/shorter/higher/cladding options all while in same polyline.



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    Hello David,

    Thank you for your question\Suggestion.

    Cubit  has the ability to add/remove node points on the take offs/Shapes and Break them down into smaller sections.

    On the Home Ribbon, make sure to choose the "Select" option instead of "Polyline", to change into edit mode.

    Double click on any shape you want to edit. This will then highlight all the Existing Node points on that Shape.

    Holding the CTRL key, point the mouse anywhere on that shape and then mouse click to add new Node points to break down the Takeoff.

    Using the mouse cursor you can hold and drag the existing nodes to move them if needed.

    Hold the CTRL Key and then point the cursor on any existing node points and then mouse click on that node to  remove the nodepoint from the shape.

    If you have any trouble following as suggested please email to support@buildsoft.com.au and we will take you through this process via a Remote control session.


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