Ability to mark a trade or line as not inclusive

I want to be able to mark items on the sheet to not count towards the project total, how do I set this.


Sometimes we need to create variations or provide optional pricing but would like to present this within a report or estimate and thus be able to check and uncheck any lines/costs as we go?



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    Hi David,

    Reading your question, my understanding is that you'd like to show the total dollar value of all options in your Estimate Sheet/report, however you want to control which items contribute to the total cost of the job and exclude other Estimate Sheet items.

    Cubit's Estimate Sheet takes into account every item entered in the sheet, unfortunately there is no functionality for excluding an item from the total whilst maintaining the Rate. You would have to remove either the Quantity or the Rate from the item so that it would not create a total or remove the line item completely.
    You could set the factor on the line item to 0, this will preserve the Quantity and Rate but remove the item's contribution to the total by factoring the total to 0. You can clear the Factor cell using Backspace if you want the item's Total to reappear.

    If you are after a dedicated feature for Variations, have you seen much of the Variations feature within Cubit? You can find some detailed information within our User Guide located on pages 84-87. You can also find a section on Variations within this Cubit Version 6 feature Webinar.

    Please let us know if you need any assistance with any of the above.


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  • Another option David is to add "-100" into the Markup column against the item. This will leave the item in the estimate sheet with its Qty and Rate, but no Total will appear for the item as it is marked down by the full 100%. 


    We also have a feature called "Options" in Cubit Pro which allows you to turn items on and off in the estimate sheet depending on a clients need or option they wish to use or select.


    Hope this helps. 

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