How to sync between computers for a floating license

How to sync between computers for a floating license?



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    Hello Jethro,

    For cubit standalone license, job/s needs to be exported/backed up to be able to import/restore them on another cubit device.

    From the job manager window select the job/s and then click on "Export" to backup the jobs to a file location.

    Transfer the exported job files to the other cubit device and then click on "Import" to restore the job data.

    There is no automated ways to sync data on standalone devices. You can however get a Cubit Network license where there will be a common cubit data location and all the cubit client devices point to this common database.




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  • Hi Savitha,


    Thanks for the pointers.  Is Network license OneDrive?


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  • Jethro, 

    It is the Cubit Network License type which has Cubit server component and a Cubit client component. 

    Cubit server is installed on a Server and the cubit client is installed on each of users device.  All cubit users connect to the cubit server and work on the estimate.

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