What procedure do other users use when doing room /wall take off?

This is a bit of general question.

Do most users take of external wall, then room by room shapes? Or select all internal walls as a poly line for stud wall take off?

Just working out if its best to take off each room and then mark shared walls with a zero factor to avoid doubling up, or to use a polyline for stud take offs.

Or am I missing a better method?



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    Hi Jarrod,

    Thanks for your inquiry.

    Both methods you have described provide benefits to customers in different parts of the industry. 

    Some customers would prefer an individual room/floor area take off primarily, others prefer to take off the walls individually and create floor areas as required.

    There isn't a prescribed method. 

    As a trainer, the course is structured so that our customers are taught Cubit using the second method, taking off the external perimeter and internal walls first. This allows you to control your estimate in an "additive" way- meaning you are adding factors where required instead of working back on yourself and removing walls from the factor of your shared shapes. Once again though, it comes down to personal preference and what you are ultimately trying to achieve.

    If you would like to discuss your takeoff with a member of the training team please feel free to contact us. 

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  • Thank you Matthew,

    If each room has been taken of using a rectangle for example, and the internal walls have been taken off using a line for the walls. Will a door added to the rectangle, also be applied as a deduction to the line used for the walls? Is this where the "opening span" function applies?



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  • Hi Jarrod,

    You are correct that the "Opening Span" would apply to your question. Cubit will interact with all available shapes within that span and then ask you which shapes you wish to apply the opening to. 

    The default span is set to 80mm, however, this can be changed in the program options.

    Kind regards

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