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Reset Cubit Cell Ref codes

Would it be possible to get a cell ref "Reset" option added to the programming?

Say you create a template / new estimate from scratch and copy in lines from multiple estimates. The cell ref codes are then all over the place in numbering having been migrated from other estimates. It would be handy to be able to click an option "Reset all Cell Ref codes" and all the lines within the estimate reset and commence from CB1.

Would save a lot of time in re-numbering all the cell ref codes to numeric order.



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    At the moment we have no immediate plan to develop a reset Reference Codes field. We do intend to deliver some improvements to how you Code a Job, and we will let you know when we make some improvements here.


    Danny Beaton - Product Manager | Cubit Estimating

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  • Thank you for your suggestion Grant! I will forward it to our Product Managers for review for you.

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  • I would like to raise this and request this feature and maybe go one step further have each trade being given an optional ref code prefix to better organise it so that if we're trying to recall a line from elsewhere and its from a related trade, it'd be easier to call up. 

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  • Hi David

    I have found the ticket in our system for improving this functionality and will add your details to it along with your request for an optional ref code prefix.

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