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Another feature request!

It would be awesome if the IFC BIM Reader could automatically calculate the geometric quantities of a shape inside of an IFC model!!

Most IFC modelling that is generated at the moment does not contain mapped data to the geometric quantities inside the IFC model, which leaves the model almost useless from an estimating perspective as it becomes a visualisation tool only. Why this occurs, I’m not sure!

As the industry progresses forward into late 2021, Pre-construction modelling in the residential sector is becoming more popular with Builders to determine buildability, clashes and of course quantity take offs. As a provider of estimating services, we are seeing this demand increasing and as we do provide pre-construction modelling services for such sectors, the software that we use (SketchUp Pro then export as a IFC) proves to be quite painful to map all of the geometric quantities by code and is very time consuming and costly for the builder. We know of other BIM Readers that can determine or self-read IFC Shapes and their values without mapped data ( e.g. BIMvision).

Hence our request that the BIM Reader in Cubit Pro Estimating expand its capabilities and automatically calculate the geometric quantities of a shape inside of an IFC model without mapped data.

  • Length
  • Area
  • Vertical Area
  • Volume
  • Count




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    Thanks for your suggestion. Improving BIM in Cubit is something we're actively looking at, and especially finding ways to let our customers estimate better with IFC is a big opportunity. We have logged your idea in our internal system. 

    Also, this article might help with exporting IFC quantities for Cubit Estimating: Preparing a Revit Project for Takeoff – Buildsoft Support (zendesk.com)


    Danny Beaton - Product Manager | Cubit Estimating

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  • Thanks for raising this with us Darren. Its a great suggestion and I'll be sure to pass it on to our Product Managers for you


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