Window and Door Symbols Library

Could you please consider offering the ability to create new symbols in the door and windows symbols libraries. Currently they are very limited. What if I wanted to add a triple cupboard door, glass door or a number of others. 

My customers love seeing the marked up drawings. The limitations available look unprofessional.



  • Hi Stephen,

    Definitely happy to pass this along for development review.
    You mentioned you had some other items you would want to see on top of the triple cupboard.

    If you would like to reach out to myself on with the list of what other items you would like to see, I can pass this list along as examples of the type of additions you would like to see included.

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  • Hi Michael

    Thanks for the response

    Here are the most common doors I use

    Hinged doors

    Single or double doors (2 options for single doors with knob shown on left and right)

    Triple, quad (mainly used for cupboards)

    On top of that external hinged doors with one or two sidelights or highlight.

    Sliding doors – Single, double, triple, etc all the way up to 8 leaves.

    Bi-fold doors – double leaf or 2 x double leaf. Triple leaf or 2 x triple leaf, 4 leaves or 2 x 4 leaves, same for 5 and 6 leaf

    Garage doors – roll up door, panel lift door

    All above options (except garage doors) shown as solid door, half glazed door and full glass door

    That should cover 80% of doors

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