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Can we get an option to set adjust the text sizing for when using the program?

With increasing use of dual screens and bigger monitors, its been great but the catch all is as the resolution rates increase, the text sizes are not always going to compensate if not getting smaller! I'm now having to squint on several occaisions to read the details if they're tucked into the corner of the details, plans or even shapes tools. 

It seems like all the text is a standard size within cubit, would be great if we had an option to scale it up just a bit for when using larger montiors. 

I'm using server based Cubit, version



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  • Hi David,

    Definitely understand your perspective here, and agree this would be a great feature to have available in Cubit Estimating.
    I believe we have had other customers put forward a similar point of view, and as such we passed this suggestion onto our development team for review.

    That said, I am happy to add you as a customer requesting this to help give the request more weight.


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