Trade Reports - Exclude line items with zero Total value

For reference using Simple Estimate not Labour/Material 

When creating a detailed production template and providing estimates for orderable quantities of materials, sometimes we'd have options for different cladding sizes, and I would use roundup to get orderable quantities including a % waste as you do. However I also use the Factor column with .AGGQTY as part of my proofing pocess so that I can zero out items not required in lieu of deleting the relevant code or pricing. 

As so, I would like option in report preview to also exclude line items that are Zero. Because the Priced item will still show up regardless of the Factor thereforre wasting time going back to either exclude or delete lines that you may need to put back on again as part of value management and the like. 



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  • Hi David

    Thank you for your suggestion. I'll be sure to raise this as a Feature Request for you to our Product Team.

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