Slack Length

I've been a QS for 40 years and never come across the term "Slack Length" before. What does it mean when measuring using te Length by Centre result?



  • Hi Kevin,

    Slack Length allows for any additional length you would like to add to the length or width (depending on orientation) of the shape where the Length by Centre has been applied. You may know this within the industry as 'Hook Length'. For instance if you were using Length by Centre for calculating Steel Reinforcement for a slab you could add an additional length (Slack Length) to allow for any Steel Reinforcement that may hook and or bend around. This section could be considered the Slack Length. You could also use it allow for things such as wastage or where items may need to overlap such as for Mesh Sheeting or Purlins.

    I've also responded to yourself via email so that if there are any further queries or concerns on this you can reach out to us.


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  • Hi Kevin, some in the industry call it the COG length. i.e. the length that is turned at the end of a steel bar

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