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James Cunningham Mar 2 1 Announcements

This is notification for those with access to Cubit or any early access version of Cubit 6 that there is a potentially disruptive bug which you should look to avoid. 

If you are deleting a Project or Folder in the Job Manager screen and you Delete with the context menu (right click popup menu) Cubit may not be able to display your list of Jobs. There is an easy workaround to avoid this problem, that being to use the Delete button in the ribbon instead of the context menu.

This issue is currently being fixed and a patch will be released for it. 

If you have already experienced this bug please log a ticket with support and we will prioritise getting you back up and running. 

On behalf of the Buildsoft team I apologise for any inconvenience this issue may have caused you. 



James Cunningham December 6, 2013 Announcements

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