Cubit Estimating Version Is Now Available


Buildsoft has released an important update for the Cubit Estimating software on Tuesday, 19th June 2018.
For more details about this update, including download links, please visit our blog via the link below.



PDF Plan Improvements

We’ve improved how some layers are displayed in PDF Plans and how Plans can refresh when changing Plan settings.
  • When importing a Plan, some layers that are a similar colour to the background of a Plan will be hidden by default.
  • You can change the contrasting threshold of a Plan between four different options from the Cubit Estimating Options menu.
  • When setting Rasterise Text, Ignore Clip Shapes or Ignore Page Boundaries on an open PDF Plan, you will be asked to refresh that Plan for the change to take effect.

New Quantity Multipliers

We’ve added new multipliers that you can use in your Jobs and Price Lists, which are available from the Item sheet, Rate sheet, and Calculation sheet. These multipliers can be used for calculating steel or just wastage. You can enter or edit these new columns only from Cubit Estimating Pro.
  • From the Item sheet and Calculation sheet, there are new columns for Conversion, Number, and Wastage are added, which will be applied to the Quantity.
  • From the Rate sheet, there are new columns for Conversion, Factor, and Wastage are added, which will be applied to the Quantity.
  • These new columns can be used for Referencing.
  • These multipliers will be taken into account when generating Trade Reports and BOQs and can be included when Exporting to Microsoft Excel.
  • You will be able to see these multipliers in Grouped Views.


You can now add Notes for Trades, Headings and Items, without affecting the Description or changing the Result of an Item.
  • You can add a Notes columns from the Item Sheet, Rate Sheet, and Calculation Sheet.
  • When using Find in your Estimate, it will also search through Notes.
  • Notes can be used with Referencing in Cubit Estimating.
  • Notes are saved within your Job when exporting or importing.
  • Notes can be exported into Microsoft Excel from the Excel Exporter.

Aggregate Columns

From the item Sheet, you can now add Aggregate Rate and Aggregate Quantity columns, and for a Price List, there is a Total Rate. Aggregate Rate will show you the Rate with all Markup applied. Aggregate Quantity will show you the Quantity with all multipliers applied, including Factor, Number, Conversion, and Wastage. Total Rate will show you the Rate with any Markups applied in a Price List.
  • Aggregate Rate and Aggregate Quantity can be exported into Microsoft Excel from the Excel Exporter.
  • These new columns can be enabled from the Column Chooser.
  • These new columns are read-only.

Improved Custom Layouts

Saving a Custom Layout will now also save your columns, including their locations and column
  • We’ve also improved Custom Layouts, so even when upgrading, they are always preserved.

BOQ Improvements

We’ve improved how you can customise your BOQ Reports.
  • Long Descriptions for Items or Headings will no longer exceed one page when generating your BOQ Reports.
  • We’ve added styling for fourth and fifth-level headings, to distinguish them from Items.
  • You can now add a space before the footer of BOQ Reports.
  • You can now customise fonts in your BOQ Reports.

Job Summary with Trade Totals Report

We’ve added a new Trade Report, that can be used to generate a Summary of your Job, with only Trade Totals and a Job Total shown.
  • By default, Job Summary with Trade Totals Report will only show two levels of your Estimate and your Totals will include all Markup.
  • You can edit how your Report is displayed by adjusting the Parameters of your Report from the Report Preview. You can (among other things):
    • Strip Rates.
    • Hide Items.
    • Edit the Report title.
Additional Features & Improvements
  • We’ve added new Rounding options in the New Task pane when an Item with Length by Centre Result is selected. You can toggle Phantom on by using F7 within a Job.
  • Fixed an issue where values updated in the New Task pane would not immediately affect your takeoff.
  • Fixed an issue where Plans from multi-page PDFs were sometimes only showing the first page when imported by a different User if that Job was exported with Include Plans unchecked.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes Grouping a Job on Rate and setting Inspect down to Rate Sheet with Ignore rate if item coded checked was incorrectly grouping some Items to Not Coded.
  • Fixed an issue where using shortcut keys in REL column might display an error message.
  • Fixed an issue where Curve Level of Detail in Cubit Estimating Options was not set to maximum by default.
  • Fixed an issue where Bill Ref was not displayed on Reports generated from Grouped Views.
  • Fixed an issue where Grouping Codes containing headings were not Exported correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where an error message would be displayed when entering 0 while Scaling a Plan.
  • Fixed an issue where Sales Tax name was not refreshing in Job Manager after it was changed in Cubit Estimating Options.
  • Fixed an issue where Totals were different between an Estimate View and a Grouped View when unchecking the Pending Variations option from the Variations Filter.
  • Fixed an issue where an error message was displayed when importing a Job, that included a Grouped View and was exported with Include Rate sheet or Include Calculation sheet unchecked.
  • Fixed an issue where the GFA was not calculating correctly when adding additional shapes and measurements.
  • Fixed an issue where the right currency symbol was not always displayed in Update Cubit Select Job and Receive Cubit Select Job windows.
  • Fixed an issue where Trade Markups were not inserted into your Estimate when using Insert from Template.
  • Fixed an issue where an error message might be displayed when the Viewport is hidden behind a Grouped View, like the default Estimating View.
  • Fixed an issue where the Formula Bar was sometimes not showing the selected value.
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