Cubit Estimating Version Is Now Available


Buildsoft has released an important update for the Cubit Estimating software on Wednesday 14 November 2018.

For more details about this update, including download links, please visit our blog via the link below.

Cubit Estimating 9 - Product Updates


Auto Select

We’ve introduced our most powerful take-off tool; Auto Select, which will let you take off complex shapes with as little as one click.

The Auto Select feature can be used on basic rooms or areas, such as simple squares or rectangles, as well as rooms with curves, and corner indents, and even pick rooms or other areas with roof lines shown. Auto Select can work on domestic and commercial plans.

Auto Select is accessible from the Shapes group in the Home tab, along with the other drawing tools (such as Polyline and Rectangle.)

  • Use left-mouse click to build up one, or multiple areas to combine into a Shape.
  • Use right-mouse click to create a Shape from the preview or finish a shape from multiple left-mouse clicks.
  • We’ve added some new Shortcut keys for drawing tools, this includes Auto Select which will be accessible using Ctrl + 3.
  • You can use Enter to finish a shape from multiple left-mouse clicks, and Esc to cancel the current selection.

PDF Improvements

We’ve drastically improved how PDF Plans looks in Cubit Estimating, so they are even more accurate and detailed than before. PDF Plans displayed in the Viewport will now appear like they would in Adobe Reader.

PDF Plans now better handle filled shapes, clipped shapes and vectorised text.

We’ve now added Rasterise Text and Single Colour buttons to the Plans tab in the ribbon, so you can better control your Plans.  


Referencing Improvements

We’ve made Referencing in Cubit Estimating easier by letting you paste with relative references, paste values only, and copy the Ref Code from the formula bar with one click.

You can now copy and paste Items between Rate Sheets or Calculation Sheets, and maintain those references with relative referencing. If the Rate Sheet or Calculation Sheet you’re copying includes references within that sheet, when you Paste with relative references, those references will be maintained within that sheet, without linking to the original Rate Sheet or Calculation Sheet.

It’s easier to set up templates and reuse rates and quantities throughout your Job. Relative referencing also works on the Item sheet and in Price Lists, so it's easier to use values how you want.

  • When pasting references, you can use Paste Special from the context menu, and click Paste with relative references or Paste values only.
  • You can use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + V to paste relative references.
  • Left-mouse click the Ref Code from the formula bar to copy the entire reference of the currently selected item.

Import Global Job

You can now directly import a Global Estimating Job directly into Cubit Estimating, without having to transfer a Job between the two programs.

  • Accessible from the Job Manager, you can click Import Global Job, to import an E0X file into Cubit Estimating.


Drawing Tool Shortcuts

We’ve added new shortcuts for your drawing tools, so you can more efficiently take off, and easily switch between different tools.

The new shortcut keys are:

Command Shortcut Key
Select Ctrl + 1
Polyline Ctrl + 2
Auto Select Ctrl + 3
Rectangle Ctrl + 4
Line Ctrl + 5
Count Ctrl + 6


Additional Features & Improvements

  • Terminal server licence will now have ‘Release licence on exit’ disabled.
  • When printing the Bill of Quantities for a selected Trade, the page numbers are consistent to the entire Bill.
  • 2018 DWG files are now supported in Cubit Estimating.


  • Fixed an issue where Zooming or Panning in the Viewport would not render properly on some Plans.
  • Fixed an issue, where if you had more than 16 Windows in your Shapes pane, and expanded any of those windows, an error message would be displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where using Undo after updating your estimate from Microsoft Excel would display incorrect Labour Wastage values.
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect percentage could get inserted when you use Add Rate from Insert from Template.
  • Fixed an issue where the first page of a PDF would replace any Plans inserted from that PDF if you have specified the directory for missing drawings when Importing a Job into Cubit Estimating.
  • Fixed an issue where sending your Job from Cubit Estimating to Xero without your Grouping codes would display an error message.
  • Fixed an issue where formulas involving CEILING or FLOOR functions would sometimes produce different results.
  • Fixed an issue where opening a Revision after the Plan had been deleted would display an error message.
  • Fixed a rare issue where pressing the F4 key when your estimate is not selected would display an error message.
  • Fixed an issue where you would not be able to save changes made in the Licence Activation screen.
  • Fixed an issue where Grouped Views weren’t updated immediately if a Rate Sheet was deleted for an Item.
  • Fixed an issue where Job Totals and Edit for Company and Contact were hidden if you were using a resolution of 4k or higher.
  • Fixed a rare issue where sometimes complex formulas involving References might produce different results.
  • Fixed an issue where opening a plan on a layout that does not have visible Viewport would display an error message.
  • Fixed an issue where an error message would display when loading a Grouped View after deleting the Code Group used for creating the grouped view in the first place.
  • Fixed a rare issue where using Ctrl+Z sometimes would not undo your last drawn shape.
  • Fixed an issue where Company and Contact details would not display for Projects in the Job Manager screen.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t use Manual Totals in Material/Labour Mode Jobs.
  • Fixed an issue where some Cubit Select details might not be displayed after closing and opening the Job.
  • Fixed an issue where creating a new Opening in the Openings Library would display incorrect units for Imperial mode.
  • Fixed an issue where your computer’s Regional Settings were not considered when setting Cubit Estimating’s Job default as Metric or Imperial.
  • Fixed an issue where the Pitch format was displaying as Degrees for Imperial Jobs, instead of Ratio.
  • Fixed an issue where the Scrollbar in the Job Manager might not appear if you were using a resolution of 4k or higher.
  • Fixed an issue where the New Project window would be out of proportion if you were using a resolution of 4k or higher.
  • Fixed an issue where creating a Job would not inherit the Project’s Company and Contact if the Template has none assigned.   


Cubit Estimating is compatible with:

  • Global Estimating 2018
  • Offsider Estimating 2018
  • Global Estimating 2019
  • Offsider Estimating 2019
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