Cubit Estimating Version Is Now Available


Buildsoft has released an important update for the Cubit Estimating software on Wednesday 22nd of May.

For more details about this update, including download links, please visit our blog via the link below.

Cubit Estimating 9.1 Product Update


Full Page Plan Report

We have improved the ability to produce large high-quality print outs with our new Plan Report. This will produce a report of the plans in your viewport with the shapes that have been measured. The report also includes the legend on the second page for easy referencing of shapes on the report.

● Generate Plan Reports found in Data allows you to select one or more plans at a time to Export to PDF, Print or Preview a report of your selected plans

● Separate by Plan splits the reports if you have multiple plans selected for printing

● Plans can be saved to PDF & optimally printed at A4 and A3 sizes along with A1 and A0.


Flags give you the ability to track and manage remaining tasks across a Job. Using Flags you can bring attention to Headings and Items that require further action within your Job.

Flags will add a colour highlight and a flag icon to the flagged item to indicate
where attention is needed within your job.

● Flags exist in the Estimate, Calculation and Rate sheets.

● Ctrl + M will open the Edit Flag window and allow you to change the status of a Flag and add a comment relating to the Flag.

● A new Flags pane has been created so you can easily see and sort through your flagged items. The Flags pane allows you to quickly highlight a flagged item in the Estimate Sheet and open the Edit Flag window.

● You can flag an Item or Heading as Incomplete (Orange), Attention (Red), Review (Purple) and Follow Up (Pink). You can mark an item as Resolved to indicate the flag has been resolved or you can clear the flag.


We have introduced a Ruler so you can take quick measurements of items on your plans which will not contribute to any Quantity in your Estimate. The measurement will exist as a preview on your plan until another trade item is selected in the Estimate sheet or another measurement is taken with the Ruler.

Exclude from Total

We’ve introduced a new feature to allow you to exclude Trade Items or Headings from your Job Total. Exclude from Total can be used as a Result type or from the new Exclude from Total column. You can exclude Items and Headings from the Estimate, Calculation and Rate sheets.

● Exclude from Total is only available in Jobs.

● A new column found in the Column Chooser, Exclude from total has been introduced that contains a summation icon for each line. You can click the icon to exclude the item's total from the Job total while preserving the item’s original Result type and Calculation Sheet.

● A new Result type, Exclude from Total has been added. When used on a Heading or Trade Item, the Total will be excluded from the Job total.

● Items and Headings marked with 'exclude from total' will not be exported to Microsoft Excel and not be included in Grouped Views, BoQ or Cubit Select jobs.

● A new Report Parameter has been added for default Cubit Estimating reports excluding these items from the report.

Cubit Select Improvements

● Cubit Estimating now provides a warning that Quote Values will be lost when sending data to Cubit Select after you have removed Estimate Items that have quotes attached in Cubit Select allowing you to protect from accidental removal of quote information. Choosing Send Anyway will trigger Cubit Select to remove any associated quote values to the items you have removed.

● Time taken to receive Picked Rates from Cubit Select is over 5 times quicker.

Additional Features & Improvements

● Improved support for high-resolution monitors including 1440p, 4k & 5k monitors.
● Cubit Estimating now provides the rounding type of Roundup to 0.01 allowing 2 decimal place rounding in Estimate items, Rate sheet and Calculation Sheets along with correct settings on imported and transferred jobs from Global.

● Referencing is now available in the Factor column.


● Fixed an issue where importing Grouping Codes from CSV would cause Cubit Select to assume existing Trades have been replaced with new Trades removing quotes assigned to the original Trades.

● Fixed an issue where the Freeze state in a Job would not work, when its References are updated.

● Fixed an issue where converting a Material Labour pricelist to Simple and then opening it would display an error message.

● Fixed an issue where clicking the Goto button in the Shapes pane would take
more than one click to activate.

● Fixed a rare issue where selecting the rounding from the Details pane would
display an error message.

● Fixed an issue where the default for Opening Span was not set when a measurement is Imperial.

● Fixed an issue where placing an External Reference on a Rate Sheet would
delete the selected rate item.

● Fixed an issue where loading in certain plans would display an error message.

● Fixed a rare issue where for some plans only part of the plan gets loaded in Viewport.

● Cubit Estimating will now support subscription-based licences.

● Fixed an issue where zooming in to a plan using the Navigation pane to draw a shape, would make the shape disappear.

● Fixed an issue where selecting multiple Result Types to draw, the New Task pane would not display details for Length by Centre.

● Fixed an issue where creating a Container in Variations pane was not possible.

● Fixed an issue where copying Rate items from Price List in Insert from Price List would display an error message.

● Fixed an issue where applying scale of one plan would also apply its rotation to all selected plans within the job.

● Fixed an issue where copying and pasting an ellipse drawing on a Length by Centre result type will display an error message.

● Fixed an issue where Rounding option for Length by Centre Shape would not populate for Imperial Jobs.

● Fixed an issue with BoQ report where some special characters in the text would cause a line break.

● Fixed an issue where checkboxes in Details pane would take more than one click to activate.

● Fixed a rare issue where a user would not be able to access Jobs which they had previously locked.

● Fixed a rare issue where sometimes specific plans would load only partially into Viewport when inserted as Raster.

● Fixed an issue where selecting a new line in Calculation sheet or Rate sheet would not highlight the corresponding Estimate item.

● Fixed an issue where Details pane would not be visible for Items with large description.

● Fixed an issue where importing Codes would display an error message if the Code file name is longer than 10 characters.

● Fixed an issue where copying and pasting a Quantity mode item within your rate sheet that has picked rates from Cubit Select would result in incorrect values.

● Fixed an issue where Hide Picked would stay selected when receiving and displaying picked rates from Cubit Select.

● Fixed an issue where Quantity rounding would incorrectly get applied on a job when importing a Global job.

● Fixed an issue where Rectangle drawing tool would display incorrect dimensions.

● Fixed an issue where sometimes, SUM reference in your Calculation sheet would give you incorrect results.

● Fixed an issue where some labels appear invisible from some menus when using Designer Black skin.

Known Issues

● There is a known issue where Cubit Select information including picked rates will be lost when you copy an already copied job that has picked rates.

● There is a known issue where receiving information from Cubit Select for Estimate & Rate Items that have 0 quantity can cause Totals to mismatch if a non-zero Total has been provided in Cubit Select.

● There is a known issue where your drawing in Viewport might get modified when adding a node on a specific point of an arc.

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