Database Version Number Is Not The Same Follow

If after having recently updated Cubit and you encounter the error message of "Database version number is not the same as the application (X.000.00X.00)." upon start up it may be that the Database for Cubit has been dropped.
This can be easily rectified by reconnecting the database and manually updating it through the Cubit Management Console.

Please follow the instructions below:


  1. Browse to C:\Program Files\Buildsoft\BT2 or Cubit\ and run the 'Cubit Management.exe'.

  2. Once you open the Cubit Management you will notice that there is no 'Connections' in the main window, to reconnect the original database please click the "Connect" button to open up the new connection window.

  3. Once the new window opens up you will need to enter in the information as follows, just remember that these details are Case Sensitive:

    Port: 5432
    Database: buildsoftStandalone
    User Name: standaloneBuildsoftUser
    Password: pass4Buildsoftuser

    Once these details have been entered in click 'OK'.

  4. Now that the Database has been reconnected you will need to manually update the database. To do this please click the "Upgrade" button, from here it will bring up a window with the list of updates that need to be done.
    All you need to do here is click the 'Upgrade" button along the bottom and the software will update the Database to the latest version.

You are now free to open up Cubit as the database has been successfully reconnected and upgraded. If you encounter any further issues please email our Support Team at:

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