Database Version Number Is Not The Same


When starting Cubit after updating, If you encounter the error message saying Database version number is not the same as the application (X.000.00X.00), it usually means that something went wrong when running the installers and the database is not yet upgraded.

To manually update the database using the Cubit Management Console:

Setup connection to Database and Upgrade:

1. Start Cubit Management Console, from C:\Program Files\Buildsoft\Cubit\CUBIT Management.exe for 64-bit Microsoft Operating System or C:\Program Files (x86)\Buildsoft\Cubit\CUBIT Management.exe for 32-bit Microsoft Operating System.


Fig 1. Cubit Management Console

2. In Cubit Management Console if you notice that there is no connection, then click on Connect to set up a connection to the Cubit Database.

Fig 2. Setup Connection

3. In the following Connect to Database window, Enter the below Cubit Standalone Database connection details. Click OK when done.

Cubit Standalone Database connection details:

Port: 5432
Database: buildsoftStandalone
User Name: standaloneBuildsoftUser
Password: pass4Buildsoftuser

Note: The connection details are case sensitive.

Fig 3. Connect to Database

4. Click the Upgrade button from the top Home Ribbon.

Fig 4. Upgrade 

5. You will notice a list of available patches yet to be applied. Click Upgrade to apply these patches.

Fig 5. Upgrade Database

6. When the upgrade is complete, Restart Cubit.

Note: Cubit should start normally this time however if you encounter any further issues please email our Support Team at

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