Cannot get disk serial number - Windows 10 Sandbox Mode


Windows Sandbox is a new feature released in builds 1909 and 2004 of Windows 10 (depending on your hardware it's rolled out in either update).

This feature is essentially a built in Virtual Machine for Windows 10.

When this feature is installed however, Windows creates a virtual drive for it and mounts it permanently. This virtual disk is called 'PortableBaseLayer'.

what is PortableBaseLayer in disk management

Fig 1. PortableBaseLayer in Disk Management

The downside of this feature is that this virtual disk does not report a hardware ID. (Doesn't show using wmic diskdrive get serialnumber in Command Prompt). This causes Cubit to throw a License Error 1 and won't authenticate the license.


Fig 2. License error


To resolve this, Sandbox mode needs to be disabled.

Open the 'Turn Windows Features on or off' Window (through control panel)

Here you will find an option for Windows Sandbox. Untick this and the issue should resolve itself when the uninstall completes. However I would advise the users to restart their machines after doing so if there are still license issues.


Fig 3. Windows Features

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