Display issues with Vector plans


Sometimes a Vector plan may not display correctly. Even if your plans are defaulted to insert as a Vector you can still import your plans as a Raster. You will first need to delete the original plan however.

To insert your plan as a Raster:

1. Locate the Plans pane in Cubit Estimating. This is located on the right hand side of the screen.

2. Select the plan in the Plans tab

3. Use DEL/Delete on your keyboard to delete the plan. You can also right-click on the plan and select 'Delete Plan'.

Please note if you delete a plan you will lose any takeoff and quantity associated with that plan.

4. Follow the steps to insert your plan as normal.

5. In the plan import preview pane use the drop down arrow to change the import method from Vector to Raster.

6. Import and scale your plan.

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