Issues with Activating Cubit Estimating


This article provides information for troubleshooting Cubit Estimating activation.


Verify if you have internet access

Open your internet browser and try accessing If the website launches successfully, you have internet.

If however you receive errors and are unable to reach the web page, you may have internet issues. Please try and resolve this by contacting your IT team or Internet Service Provider.


Verify the device is displaying the correct date and time

The Licensing server needs the correct date and time set on your computer as part of its checking mechanism.

If you have manually adjusted your system date and time, Cubit Estimating will detect a change in the time and date settings and close due to potential tampering

You will be asked to adjust your time and date correctly and re-enter the licence key.


Verify access to the following web page 

If you see Server Error 403 - Forbidden: Access is denied, it means everything is ok with the web page.

If you are unable to access the above page, you may need the proxy to connect reliably to the internet or have group policies blocking SSL access. Your IT team will be able to assist you with checking these on your office network.


Disable Firewall

If you see the error message Cubit Estimating unable to activate licence.

  • Disable the Firewall temporarily.
  • Disable any anti-virus software installed with the Firewall.

Try activating Cubit again.


Add the following as Allowed Apps to your Firewall


Check if  HDD serial/computer cryptographic key can be fetched via WMI

Licensing service requires 3 system identifiers to identify the client's machine for purpose of assigning the licence.

Try to fetch machine identifiers by executing command listed in command prompt.

a) wmic DISKDrive GET Name, Caption, NeedsCleaning, Status

b) wmic diskdrive get serialnumber

c) wmic csproduct get name,identifyingnumber,uuid

Fig 1. Command Prompt fetching machine identifiers

If any of the above fails, try rebooting your device.

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