IFC Plan Loading Issues


IFC models are a type of BIM file. They represent large amounts of data related to a construction project. Opening Cubit Job having an IFC file could be time-consuming and below are our suggestions to overcome the same.

Trouble Opening A Job With IFC Plans

Sometimes when opening a job that has previously had an IFC plan loaded into it, it can seem to take a long time to open.

This is because when an IFC file has been added to a Job, the data in the file is loaded when the Job is opened. This means that for a large file, many extra items may be loaded along with the estimate in the Job, potentially slowing it down.

You may be able to improve the speed by making sure to close the IFC  plans within the Job, before closing your job Also make sure there are no other programs running on your computer that may be using a lot of system resources.

If you continue to encounter trouble with this, however, then it is recommended that you contact the support team, via email or phone, and we will help you resolve this issue.

The link below will take you directly to creating a new ticket with us.


Database Timeout Error When Opening A Job

If you are getting a timeout error when trying to open a job that has IFC plans loaded previously, then the reason for this is the same as the above-mentioned problem with a job taking a long time to open. The job could be potentially very large, so the time it takes to load from the database could cause a timeout.

If you do receive the timeout error, then you may need to forcibly close Cubit via task manager.

Similar to the solution mentioned for the above-mentioned issue, you may be able to avoid this issue by closing the plans before closing your job, and making sure there are no other programs running on your computer that may be using a lot of system resources.

Should you continue to experience a problem in using Cubit even after performing the above steps, Please Submit a Support Ticket

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