Resolved: Merge Jobs in Cubit 10


Fixed Version:

Affected Version:

There was a known issue with Cubit 10 that is preventing users from merging two or more Jobs together. 

There was also a known issue preventing users from opening a Job that has been created with duplicate Jobs using Job Merge.

We appreciate your patience while working towards a resolution. If you have Jobs that need to be merged, or a previously merged Job you cannot open, please contact our Support Team for assistance. 

Use the links below to update your Cubit the latest version

Cubit 10 Client/Standalone:
64 Bit: Cubit_10_x64.exe
32 Bit: Cubit_10.exe

Cubit 10 Server:
64 Bit: Server_Cubit_10_x64.exe
32 Bit: Server_Cubit_10.exe

If you need any further clarification or assistance from our end, you can Submit a Support Ticket or call us on 02 4624 4909.

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