Resolved Known Issue - Job total calculating incorrectly issue


Update: This issue has since been resolved with Cubit Estimating version The following items were resolved in this version;

  • Fixed an issue where Importing a Job having composite Picked Rates as a New job and creating a copy of it would have the Estimate Total in the Rate Sheet instead of the Picked Total.
  • Fixed an issue where creating a Price List from a Job Template having Picked Rates from Cubit Select would have inconsistent rates. Previously affected Price Lists will not be fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where creating a copy of a Job having Picked Rates from Cubit Select would sometimes be affected if the Estimate rate had a Reference. Existing jobs with the issue will not be fixed. If you import a Job from Cubit Estimating 10.0.9 or earlier, the values might be incorrect.
  • Fixed an issue when referencing the rate of an item and exporting the Job would export the Picked Rate instead of the Estimate Rate. Existing jobs with the issue will not be fixed unless the job is reimported after updating to Cubit Estimating 10.0.10.

You can find more details and download links on the following Cubit Estimating Blog Page.


There has been an issue identified within Jobs created on Cubit Estimating or earlier that are using picked or partial rates from Cubit Select. Jobs will have total miscalculations leading to incorrect Job results.

Newly created jobs on version will not have this issue, however, if you are copying or importing an older job ( or below) the issue will also be present in the new Job.

If you believe your job may be affected please don’t hesitate to raise it with our support team who can verify this for you

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