Change Heading Rows Colours on a Report


You will need to be using Cubit Professional or Cubit Enterprise edition to access Custom Reports in Cubit Estimating.

The following steps will show you how to add conditions in your report to be able to have different colours for your heading levels.

1. Open a Job.

2. Click Data from the menu bar then All Reports.

3. Select Trade report from the Reports window and click Customise.

4. Click the Save down arrow, and click Save As.

5. Type in a Report name and click Save. 

6. Enter a name for the report in Report name: and click Save.

7. From the Report Explorer, right-click Formatting Rules and select Add Formatting Rule.


Fig 1. Add Formatting Rule

8. In the Properties pane for the new Formatting rule, rename the (Name) field appropriately.


Fig 2. Rename Formatting Rule

9. On the Report Explorer, right-click the new formatting rule and select Edit Formatting Rules.


Fig 3. Edit Formatting Rule

10. The Formatting Rule Sheet Editor window should open.

Under the Data Member heading, ensure TradeNodes is selected from its drop-down list.


Fig 4. Data Member

11. Under the Behavior, type your Condition

ie [Level]==0 will be for Level 0 headings

[Level]==1 will be for Level 1 sub-headings etc


Fig 10. Condition

12. Set your Background Colour


Fig 5. Background Color

13. Click Close.

14.. Apply the Formatting Rule you have created by highlighting the heading row in the report. Select tradeHeadingRow in the Report Explorer, and click the .... in the Formatting Rules in the Properties pane.  


Fig 6. Apply Formatting Rule

15. Add the newly created formatting rules to the Rules applied to a control column and click OK.


Fig 7. Apply Formatting Rule

16. Click Save to save changes to the report.

17. Click Print Preview to preview the report


Fig 8. Sample report

18. Close the Report Designer to return to the Reports window.


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