Cubit Estimating: Slowness/lag when using Cubit


If you are experiencing any slowness/lagging when working with Cubit plans, we suggest you first make sure the computer meets the recommended system requirement to run Cubit. 


System Requirements


If the computer meets the system requirements, but still faces slowness, this may have to do with the Graphics preference, Antivirus Scans, or low disk space on your computer.

You may also need to consult with your IT team, for possible hard drive fragmentation/performance or a faulty hard drive,

We suggest the steps below.


Graphics Settings:

Make sure the high graphics performance option is set when using Cubit Application.

1) Right moussing on your desktop and click on the Display settings.

Fig 1. Desktop


2) Scroll down and click on the Graphics Settings.

Fig 2. Display Settings

3) Click Browse to Add Cubit application to set Preference.

Fig 3. Graphic Settings


4) Browse through to the Cubit installation location.

Fig 4. Installation Location

5) Click on the Options

Fig 5. Graphic Settings Options

6) Set Graphics preference to High performance and click Save.

Fig 6. High Performance

7) Cubit application will now be listed under the application list.

Fig 7. Graphic Settings Preference



Adding Antivirus Exclusions

If you have any anti-virus software installed on your Computer, try adding Exclusions for the following Application and Folder path.



C:\Program Files\Buildsoft\Cubit\cubit.exe

C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\10\bin\postgres.exe


Folder Path:

C:\Program Files\Postgresql\9.2 or C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\10 (Depending the version of PostgreSQL installed)

C:\Program Files\Buildsoft\Cubit 



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  • It seems these options aren't available on a windows server. What actions can we take to fix slowness / lagging we are experiencing with Cubit on a server?
    We have tested the program on a server that exceeds the recommended system requirements with no improvement in performance.

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  • Hi Robert,

    This particular article was more aimed at local desktop users than the software running on a server.

    If you are experiencing performance issue with running the software on a server, I would possibly recommend opening a support ticket with us to see if there is anything we can do to help as we would need more information about the trouble to be able to address this any way.

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  • After many years of solid performance from cubit we “upgraded” to version 11 excited gain the functionally of having multiple users work within the same job simultaneously. This update has resulted in 8 months of very per program performance from cubit now despite many versions, updates, patches calls and emails. The real disappointment here was that the new multiuser feature was limited to a higher cost version of the software and not something we’ve gained access to through performing this update. Specifically, the program is taking an unbelievable amount of time to copy and paste items, is slow to generate new lines empty lines for built-up rate creation and locks up when exiting jobs on the job manager screen with the banner at the of the manager screen appearing blank for an extended period of time during which the program becomes unresponsive. We have double the resources available to server (RAM, CPU and Network Connection Bandwidth) but have not seen any lift in performance. I would like to hear from Buildsoft as well as users of the cubit that have also experienced a large performance drop in version 11 to help resolved the issues and make the program usable again.

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  • Hi Callum,
    We are experiencing the exact same issues. Has there been a solution provided?
    Danny Antcliff

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  • Thank you for your comments; the issue has been identified by our product and development team and a solution has been actively tested. If you have not already, please log a ticket with our support team so you can be advised directly when a fix is out for distribution.

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