PDF image distorted or missing info


Occasionally when loading plans into Cubit the plan may appear to be distorted, of low quality or is missing items. When this occurs Cubit may be misreading the image or is unable to read a particular component of the image correctly.

In Cubit, any Plans can be inserted as a Vector image (default) or as a Raster image. When you insert any plan and Cubit may load the plan as Distorted Image like below.

Fig 1. Distorted Image

When this happens, delete the inserted Plan and Re-insert the plan as a Raster image instead.

Fig 2. Plan Insert

The image will be loaded better as Raster.


Fig 3. Raster Image

If you continue to have problems with the plan after loading it into Cubit as the correct file type please contact support by creating a ticket on our support page.

The link below will take you to our support page.


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