Flatten PDF


Feature Availability: Cubit Estimating version 10 and above

Cubit Estimating 10 has improved how PDFs are rendered in the Viewport with Flatten PDF

Flatten PDF provides a more accurate rendering of a plan, without limiting the takeoff tools. You can easily enable and disable  Flatten PDF for a plan.

Flatter PDF Example

Here is an example of a plan inserted into Cubit Estimating, and the same plan with Flatten PDF enabled. 

Fig 1. Before

Fig 2. After

Enable Flatten PDF 

1. Select the Plan you want to flatten from the Plans pane. 

2. Click Flatten PDF from the Plans tab in the ribbon.

 Fig 3. Plan Ribbon

Note:  The option is also available in the Details pane.

3. You will be asked to refresh your plan to continue, click Refresh to flatten your PDF. 

Setting to Flatten PDFs for all new Plans

You can set Flatten PDF to be enabled for all appropriate Plans by default from the Plans tab in Cubit Estimating Options and ensure Flatten PDFs is checked. 

Fig 4. Cubit Estimating Options

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