Flatten PDF


Availability: Cubit version 10 and above

Cubit 10 has improved PDF rendering in the viewport with the Flatten PDF feature. This option allows a PDF plan to be loaded as a hybrid of Raster and Vector PDFs.

Flatten PDF allows for the more accurate rendering of a Raster Plan while also supporting the Takeoff features of a Vector Plan. The Flatten PDF feature can be easily turned ON or OFF on the plans.

1. You may have a Plan like below which is not loading currently in Cubit. 

Fig 1. Viewport

 2. Turn on the Flatten PDF option available in the Plans ribbon.


Fig 2. Plan Ribbon

3. The option is also available in the Details window. 

Fig 3. Details window

4. A notification will be shown to accept and Refresh the plan

Fig 4. Flatten PDF

5. The plan will be refreshed and loaded correctly like below. 

Fig 5. Refreshed Plan


Turning ON Flatten PDF Option on all new plans

Flatten PDF can be automatically set to be turned ON for all Plan import. This setting is available in the Cubit Options window.

Fig 6. Cubit Options

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