BTOS Load image list flashes when trying to load an image


If you are trying to load an image into the BTOS module and the BTOS Load Image List box just seems to flicker on the screen then there could be a problem with the image.

This problem can be solved by reprinting the image using a PDF writer.

To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

1. Open the PDF you are having problems with.
2. Click Print.

Fig.1 File Menu

3. Select the PDF Writer as the printer to print to.
4. Click Properties next to the Printer Name.

Printer.pngFig.2 Print Options

5. Click Advanced.
6. In the Advanced Options you will need to the paper size from the default A4 size paper to a larger paper size. (EG 22 x 36 Inch)


Fig.3 Print Advanced Options

7. Click OK at the bottom of Advanced Options.
8. Click OK in Printer Properties.
9. Click OK to reprint the PDF.
10. Select a location to save the reprinted PDF.

These instructions are also available as a short video. This video can be found using the link below.

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