'The BTOS module is not currently working' or 'BS MTO Module Not Found' error when opening\working on a job


If you get a message saying 'The BTOS module is not currently working, so this job cannot be opened' or 'BS MTO Module Not Found' when you attempt to open a job or the BTOS Module in either Global or Offsider Estimating, then you may have one of two problems.
Either the BTOS Module is not activated on your software, or BTOS is not active on the specific job you are trying to access.

Error affects ALL jobs (BTOS Activation)

If you are unable to access BTOS on any jobs then you need to activate BTOS on Global or Offsider Estimating software.

To do this follow the instructions below:

- On the Job Manager screen click on the Tools menu.

- Select Activate BTOS. A registration page will be displayed.

- On the registration page you will see a code that says 'Buildsoft Requires This:' Email this code into support@buildsoft.com.au with the subject line 'BTOS Activation Code'. We will generate a new code and send it back to you.

- Copy the code we send back to you into the 'BTOS Serial Number box' on the registration page and click OK.

This will activate the BTOS Module on your computer.

Error affects 1 job only

If you are able to access BTOS on other jobs on your job list then it is most likely the specific job that is missing the BTOS module.
To resolve this you will simply need to create a new job on your job list and then copy the contents of the original job into the newly created job.

To do this follow the instructions below:

- Click the Create button on the Job Manager screen.

- Enter a name for the new job and select the appropriate price list.

- Open the new job.

- Bring the Job Manger back up by clicking on it. You should be able to see the title bar of the Job manager screen just above the title bar for the job you have open.

- Open the original job. You should now have both jobs open in a split screen format.

- Select everything in the original job by clicking the small grey box just above the number one on the row number column.

- Right click anywhere in the original job and select 'Copy Line(s) to Other Window'.

This will have copied all of the original data into the new job which should also have BTOS enabled on it.
You will now be able to work on BTOS in this job.

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