Non BTOS user getting 'The BTOS module is not currently working' message


If you do not have\use the BTOS module, but are getting a message saying 'The BTOS module is not currently working', so this job cannot be opened', then the job you are trying to open up has had the BTOS module activated on it and you will need to remove the BTOS references on this job so that you can open and work on the job.

This issue is most common when you have received a job from an external source.

Fig.1 Error Message

To deactivate the BTOS module on the job, follow the instructions below:

1. Select the job on the Job List.

2. Click on the Backup button on the toolbar.

3. Tick the Remove BTOS References tickbox.

4. Click the Normal button.

Fig.2 Backup Options

The BTOS references should now have been removed from the job, and you should be able to open it.


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