Picked Rates in Cubit Select


When the Supplier quotes are entered and picked in Cubit Select, the rates are received back into Cubit Estimating. These rates received from Cubit select into Cubit Estimating are referred to as Picked Rates.


To receive your Job from Cubit Estimating,

1. From the Home Ribbon, click Receive from the Cubit Select Section


Fig 1. Receive From Cubit Select

2. If your Job in Cubit Estimating has been changed after it was last sent to Cubit Select, you will be asked to Send your Estimate to Cubit Select again before it can be Received in Cubit Estimating successfully. Click on Send to send changes from Cubit Estimating.


Fig 2. Job Change

3. Update Summary like below will be shown with changes to the Job. Click Update to proceed.

You will see the Cubit Select Name, the Estimate Total, the Total Difference; which is the difference between the current and previous sent Cubit Select Job Total. You will also see how many Trade Packages made been modified since the last send in Cubit Estimating, and Last Updated date and time.


Fig 3. Job Send

4. Click OK on the confirmation on the Job sent.


Fig 4. Successful Send

5. From the Home Ribbon, click Receive from the Cubit Select Section. A Receive Cubit Select Job window like below will open.

You will see the Cubit Select Name, the Picked total, the Picked Difference; which is the difference between the current and previous received Cubit Select Job. You will also see the Total of the Estimate as in Cubit Estimating, and Last Received date and time.


Fig 5. Receive Summary window

6. The Picked Rates received from Cubit Select will show in teal in the Rate or Total columns of
the Estimate View and the Grouped View in Cubit Estimating. mceclip5.png

Fig 6. Sample Picked Rates

7. You can hide your Picked Rates by clicking Hide Picked from the Cubit Select group ribbon in the
Home tab


Fig 7. Hide Picked

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