Understanding the "Warning Icon" in Cubit Select


Cubit Select will display a warning icon to notify you of trades/ items that may require your attention.

You will see the warning icon when you have Unentered or Unpicked Items in a Quote.

Unentered Items Warning:

 If you have an Unentered Rate and Total for a Quote in Cubit Select, a warning icon pasted_image_0.png will be displayed for that Quote on the Trade Packages Summary page.

If you have a Quote with Unentered Items, the Total will display the Unentered Items Warning.


Fig 1. Unentered Items Warning for a Quote 

If you have a Picked Quote with Unentered Items, the Trade list and Picked Quote will display the same warning icon. 


Fig 2. Unentered Items Warning for a Picked Quote

The Trade list on the Comparison page will also display the warning. 


Fig 3. Unentered Items Warning on the Quotes page

You can also see the Unentered Item Warning on the Review page. 


Fig 4. Unentered Items Warning on the Review page


Updated Cubit Select Job:

An Update icon will be shown when a job is updated from Cubit. 

Fig 5. Update Icon 

Jobs page will display the Update icon for all jobs that have been updated from Cubit Estimating. 


Fig 6. Update Warning for a Job 

On the Quotes summary page, you will see the update icon on the Trade List for Trade Packages that have been updated. 


 Fig 7. Update Warning for a Trade Package 

The Quotes page will display the update icon for Items and their respective headings that have received an update from Cubit Estimating. You can acknowledge the update at the item level after you have reviewed the changes.


Fig 8. Update Warning for an Item

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