Uninstalling Cubit



Follow these steps below to uninstall Cubit Estimating and/or PostgreSQL to prepare the computers for a new installation.

Uninstall Cubit Estimating

1. From the Click in the search box on the  Windows Taskbar.

fig_1.pngFig.1 Windows Taskbar

2. Type
Control Panel, and then select it from the list.


Fig.2 Search box


3. Select Programs and Features.

fig_3.pngFig.3 Control Panel

4. Locate Cubit (x64) or Cubit in the list of installed programs, highlight it and click Uninstall.

fig_4.pngFig.4 Cubit Estimating in Programs And Features

Note: This will uninstall the Cubit Estimating software, but if you are running a stand-alone version, then the database software will remain installed on the PC. This means that all the data you have entered into Cubit Estimating will still exist in on the PC. In the case of a network version, the database will be installed on the server rather than the local computer.

If you need to remove the database software (PostgreSQL) and data for a completely clean start, then you would need to do the following.


Uninstall PostgreSQL


1. Locate PostgreSQL in the list of installed programs in Programs and Features, highlight it and click Uninstall.

fig_5.pngFig.5 PostgreSQL in Programs And Features

2. Browse into the PostgreSQL install folder. By default, this is C:\Program Files\Postgresql

fig_6.pngFig.6 Install  directory

3. Rename or delete the folder found inside the PostgreSQL folder. This should be called 9.2 or 10.


Fig.7 PostgreSQL folder

Note: Doing these steps will have uninstalled the PostgreSQL database software, and either deleted the data, or left the data on the PC, but named it as something other than the default name so that it is not picked up by the reinstall. Renaming the data folder rather than outright deleting it may be advisable, even if it is only temporary if there is existing job data in the database. This gives the benefit of recovering data.

This in effect means that when Cubit Estimating is installed again on this PC, it will install as a completely clean install with no data.

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