Reviewing Trade Packages in Cubit Select


The Cubit Select Review page shows the summary of all your trade packages, quotes, and other information as below.

The Estimate column shows the Estimate sent from Cubit Estimating.

All the Supplier Quotes entered for each Trade Package will be listed in ascending order under S1, S2 etc. Any picked quote from a Supplier will have a teal background. You can also Pick or Unpick a quote from the Review page.

If you have picked more than one Quote for a Trade Package you will also see an additional Quote called Combined, which combines the picked Items into one Quote to review.

The Opp column is the Opportunity; that is the difference between the Picked Quote and the Cheapest Quote available.

The Plugs column displays the total Plug percentage or risk for the Picked Items in a Trade Package. You can see the Supplier Cover for a Trade Package by clicking the Plugs dropdown.

The Diff column displays the difference between the Estimate and Picked totals.  

Further adjustment to a Trade Package can be added using the Adj column. You could choose to add Adjustment by value or a percentage here. When sending picked rates to Cubit Estimating, any adjustment here will be prorated to all picked Items within that Trade Package.



Fig 1. Review

You can also show the Estimate in the Total for any Trade Package without any Picked Rates. To do this, click the User Profile image to open the User Preferences and click Options; check Show Estimate Totals on Job Review page for Trade Packages if nothing Picked. The Estimate total will be shown in blue in the Total column of the Review page.


Fig 2. User Preferences

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