Creating a New Project in Cubit Estimating


Projects are the top level of organisation for your information and data within Cubit Estimating. Projects contain other folders and jobs.

Projects are customisable and can be used to sort your information. You can name your projects are clients, suburbs, months or any way that suits.

Example: You could name a project 'Templates' and collate all job templates here.

To Create New Project:

In the Job Manager window, Click on New Project to create a new project. 


Fig 1. New Project


In the following window, enter the project name.


Fig 2. Project Name


The new Project will now be listed in the Job list. 


Fig 3. Project and Job list


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  • Thanks to this article I'm now up and running

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  • What is the difference between a "New project" and a "New Job"? and when to use which?

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  • Hello Hanh,
    Cubit Projects are similar to folders under which you create the Cubit Job. Cubit Jobs, however, is where you work with the estimate.
    Please email in case you have any further question.

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