Creating and opening a New Price List


Price Lists are used to simplify and organise pricing in a Job. Price Lists use the same pricing structure of a Job, with trades, headings, and items, but have no quantities. Price Lists can be used in many ways; master file Price Lists, supplier price lists, construction type price lists are some examples.

Price Lists are created in the Job Manager and can be accessed from the Price List tab.

Creating a Price List

Price Lists are created in the Job Manager.

 To create a new Price List:

 1. Click New Price List from the List ribbon.


Fig 1. Create New Price List

2. Enter a name for your Price List.

3. You can select a Template from Template list if you want to use one.

4. Click OK.


Fig 2. Line item

Open a Price List

To open a Price List:

1. From the Job Manager window, click Price List tab.

2.  Select the Price List from the list and double-click or click Open from the Job ribbon.


Fig 3. Price List


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