What is Cubit Estimating Subscription?



What does a subscription include?

Cubit Estimating Subscription is a pay as you go service that Buildsoft offers. This provides our customer's more options and offsets the lump sum payment of a perpetual license with a yearly fee. It's available for a minimum 1-year term, as well as multi-year such as 2 and 3-year terms.

Cubit Estimating subscription includes access to the latest version of Cubit Estimating, access to ongoing upgrades, and access to our Technical Support team. 


What are the advantages of a Subscription?

You don't have to worry about making payments - once you're subscribed we'll handle all that for you automatically. You also don't have to worry about one large lump sum payment with the subscription. 

There are also tax benefits - as software subscriptions are treated as a lease, the cost is attributed as OPEX - an ongoing cost to the company where the full amount paid can be claimed against tax each year.


Who is Subscription available to?

At this stage, Subscription is available to Australian and New Zealand customers only and will be charged in AUD.


Are perpetual licenses still available?

Yes, Subscription has been introduced only to create more options for our customers.


What products are available as a Subscription?

Cubit Estimating Standard Floating.

Cubit Estimating Professional Floating.

Available as a Standalone, Network, or Terminal license type.

BIM Takeoff module is available. 

Cubit Select is also a Subscription product.


What does auto-renewal mean?

A subscription is an ongoing contract where you will be automatically invoiced and your credit card automatically charged unless you choose to opt-out of the subscription.

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