Resolved Issue - Changes to code grouping will affect Cubit Select quotes


Note: This problem is fixed in Cubit Estimating Version 9.1

When sending updates from Cubit Estimating to Cubit Select you may get a notification like below.

This message means items have been removed in Cubit Estimating that has Supplier Quotes entered in the Cubit Select Job which will be lost if sending your latest changes from Cubit Estimating as your job structure will be changed in Cubit Select as a result

The Quote values will be lost alert shows the list of all Trades for which the estimate items have been removed in Cubit Estimating.

If it is not intentional to be removing the items listed click on Cancel button to go back and verify why items exist in Cubit Select though not in Cubit Estimating. Possibly you may want to undo unintentional item removals/code group changes so as not to lose your Cubit Select Quote information.

If the items were intentionally removed or re-coded then click Send Anyway button to proceed.

Note: Send Anyway action will remove Supplier quotes for those items (if any).

Fig 1: Quote values will be lost

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