Editing Suppliers in Cubit Select


Once a Supplier has been added in Cubit Select, the following steps will provide assistance in how the Supplier record can be edited.


To make changes to Supplier details:

1. Click Suppliers to display the list of current Suppliers.


Fig 1. Suppliers

2. Locate and click a Supplier name to edit.


Fig 2. Supplier Details


Business Number: Unique business code 

Street: Street address

City: Town or City

Postcode: Postal or Zip code

State: Name of State

Country: Name of country

Email: Main email contact

Phone: Main phone number

Description: Supplier description

Trades: Assign the supplier to a specific trade to organise the suppliers.

Contacts: Details of the best contact person for the supplier


 3. Any changes to Supplier details will be updated in the associated Jobs Quotes. 

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