Unauthorized message when sending jobs to Cubit Select


When sending a job through from Cubit Estimating to Cubit Select or receiving data from Cubit Select to Cubit Estimating, you may encounter the following error message on occasion.


Fig 1. Unauthorized error message


This message can occur after security updates to Cubit Select or to Cubit Select accounts that have been logged in and active for extended periods of time.


To resolve this you'll need to re-log into your Cubit Select account within Cubit Estimating. 

With Cubit Estimating open, Clicking on Cubit Estimating on the top left-hand side will drop down a menu.

Fig 2. Cubit Estimating Menu

At the very bottom of this menu, there is an options button, clicking this will open another window containing options for the Cubit Estimating system.

With this window open, Click on the integrations tab on the left-hand side. Here, there is a disconnect button under your Cubit Select login details. Click the disconnect button to log out of Cubit Select Integration.

Fig 3. Cubit Estimating Integration Options


This will ask if you are sure if you want to disconnect, select disconnect.

Fig 4. Disconnection prompt

This has logged the account out of Cubit Estimating. This will bring you back to the Integration tab where you can then click connect under Cubit Select to re-login with your Cubit Select details.

Fig 5. Cubit Estimating Integration Options

Once you log in again, you will be able to send and receive through to Cubit Select without issues.

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