Insert From Pricelist


In your Cubit Estimating job, you can insert information from a price list. This includes adding an entire line or rate from the price list into the job estimate sheet or rate sheet.

This can be done via the following process.

1. Open the Cubit Estimating job you want to add price list information into.

2. On the Home tab, in the Insert tools, click Price Lists.


Fig 1. Price List Button 

 3. Select the price list you want to insert information from the Price List: drop-down box. 

Fig 2. Price List Drop Down Box

4. Click the checkbox next to the items you want to insert into the job.

Fig 3. Tick Box Ticked

5. Select the rate sheet items you want to insert into the job. 

Fig 4. Selected Item

6. Click Insert, Replace or Add rate to add the selected item in the job. The insert options are explained in detail in the next section.

Fig 5. Insert, Replace, and Add Rate Buttons


Price list insert options:


The selected price list item will be inserted as a new estimate item. 

Fig 6. Insert

Add Rate:

The selected rate on the highlighted estimate item will be updated from a pricelist. This will not change the description or the result type of the item selected.

Fig 7. Add Rate


The selected row/s will be added to the selected rate sheet.

Fig 8. Replace

Additional Reference:

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