Rapid Bulk Delete


Available in Cubit Estimating 2024, Build

We are introducing the Rapid Bulk Delete feature to optimise the deletion process for large volumes of data, significantly improving the workflow efficiency for you. 

Previously, deleting extensive data could take a long time due to the system's focus on live calculations and updates during the deletion process. The enhanced Rapid Bulk Delete provides a streamlined, faster option for removing large datasets. This update includes a customisable threshold setting, allowing you to tailor the feature to your needs. 

  • Customisable Threshold: You can customise the threshold for the Rapid Bulk Delete function to suit your project sizes, computing resources, and requirements, adjusting how much data deletion will trigger this action.  The value here correlates to how many items need to be selected for the rapid bulk delete function to trigger.

bulk delete thershold.png

Fig 1. Triggering Threshold setting

  • Rapid Bulk Delete Option: You will be able to choose this faster way of deletion when deleting large amounts of data. This option does not support the undo functionality but significantly speeds up the deletion process. When deleting items, if you have selected a number of items that is above the threshold, you will get a prompt to choose how these items are deleted.

bulk delete option.png
Fig 2. Rapid Bulk Delete prompt

  • Automatic Job Refresh: After deletion, the job automatically refreshes to incorporate updates from other users or external references. 
  • Standard Deletion Retained: You can still opt for the standard deletion method to retain the ability to undo deletions. 
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