Adjusting Rates by Codes in Cubit Estimating


In any coded job, Item Rates can be changed individually or for all the items for the selected Codes.

On the Home Ribbon click on the Adjust drop-down menu and then click on the "Adjust rates by code" option as below.


Fig.1 Adjust Rates by Code Menu Item

On the following screen, Click on "Change" to Navigate and choose the Group code you want to use to Adjust Rates for.

On the Left Pane, select the items you want to adjust the Rates on and then using the Arrow buttons, Add all rows/ Add selected rows/ Remove selected rows/Remove all rows into the codes list to be adjusted.

You can do the following changes on the Rate:

  1.     Set a replacement Rate Value                   
  2.     Add / Subtract an amount value from existing Value                                                     
  3.     Markup the Rate by a Percentage Rate

When "Set to Value will override Reference and Formulas" is unticked before Adjustments, all the items with References/Formulas will not be updated.

When the "Set to Value will Override Reference and Formula" is ticked, the Adjustments is applied to all item by removing the References/Formulas if any.

When you have set the values as needed, Click on Adjust Rates to Apply your changes.

mceclip1.pngFig.2 Adjust Rates by Code Screen

Please note Adjust Rates will not affect the Composite Rates. A Prompt about the composite Rate is shown when clicked on Adjust Rates.

This means that an estimate Item with composite rate cannot be changed directly however the Rate items with codes are affected by the Adjust Rate by Codes.

Fig.3 Adjust Rates


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