Adding Adjustments in Cubit Estimating Jobs


In Cubit Estimating, you can apply a percentage based markup to Estimate Headings and Items, as well as an overall Job Adjustment which applies to the final total of your job. This article explains how you can set up an Adjustment for the overall job value.

How to apply a Job Adjustment

1. Open your job from the Job list in the Job Manager window.
2. In the status bar of the opened job click on the number next to the Adjustment.


Fig 1. Job adjustment label

3. You can enter a Percentage of Fixed Type and the amount can be either positive or negative.


Fig 2. Adjustment and sales tax window

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  • Hi Theo,
    Is it possible to rename the adjustment? We use this as a margin calculation and find that clients get confused by the title if we present our cubit file to them as part of a tender submission.

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  • Hello David,
    Within Cubit Professional edition you have the ability to customise reports to suit your needs.

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