Assigning Grouping Codes to a Job


Feature Availability: From Cubit 2022, Version 11 or later

Job Grouping or Grouped Views, allows you to group similar information together using Quantity group codes or Rate group codes.

In Cubit Estimating Standard edition, one (1) group code can be assigned per Job and up to twenty (20) group codes for Cubit Estimating Professional and Enterprise editions.

Assigning Group Codes

1. To assign grouping codes to a job, open the Job in Cubit Estimating, click Configuration tab and select Manage Codes.

Fig 1. Manage Codes

2. From the list of Grouping Codes, tick the code list to be Assigned to the job.
Note: The ability to add more than one (1) code list is only available in the Professional and Enterprise edition of Cubit Estimating.


Fig 2. Codes List

3. The code column will then be added to the job. When you double-click in a cell in this column, it will list the codes for you to pick from.


Fig 3. Code Column


Un-Assigning Group Codes From a job

If needed, you can un-assign/remove the code column from the Manage Codes window at any time.

1. Click Configuration tab and select Manage Codes.

Fig 4. Edit Columns

2. Un-tick the code file to be removed from the Job. The following alert will be displayed


Fig 5. Unassign Codes

3. Click Unassign Group.

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